Software Engineer,

Writer, Photographer

I am a problem solver who combines creativity and technical knowledge to deliver solutions that solve real world issues. I am passionate about creating software that is functional, efficient and developer friendly.


What I've done


  • 2022 - Present

    Technical Product Manager

    Rollercoaster Digital
  • 2021 - 2022

    Full-Stack Developer

  • 2021

    UI Developer

    Rollercoaster Digital
  • 2020 - 2021

    Junior Developer

    Your Creative


  • 2024 - Present

    BInfSc Computer Science

    Massey University, NZ
  • 2020

    Certificate in Full Stack Development

    Monash University, AUS
  • 2020

    UX Accelerator Program

    PeakXD Academy, AUS
  • 2013 - 2016

    Automotive Engineering (Heavy)

    MITO | Te Pūkenga, NZ


  • Adam Xie

    Adam Xie

    UX/ Interaction Designer

    Rollercoaster Digital, AUS / 2021 - 2023


    I highly recommend Rupert as a member of any team. His curious and resourceful nature, coupled with a thoughtful and studious approach make him a great asset. Rupert's commitment to continuous learning is evident through his consistent completion of various courses and the fresh insights he brings, showcasing an admirable learning spirit and creativity. Beyond technical prowess, his humility, dependable nature, positivity, and excellent communication skills contribute to a productive and enjoyable work environment. It's been a pleasure working with Rupert and I wish him well in any future team fortunate to have him.

  • Merissa Hargreaves

    Merissa Hargreaves

    Head of IT

    Officeworks, AUS / 2021 - 2022


    Rupert was an absolute asset to the team. His commitment to learning, problem solving and going over and above to get the job done was outstanding. However his most impactful quality was what he brought to the team as a good human. Always reliable, calm, kind, considerate, respectful, honest and caring with everyone he met.

  • Mark Conway

    Mark Conway

    Full Stack Developer

    Officeworks, AUS / 2021 - 2022


    A superstar developer and all round great team player. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and delivering exciting enhancements to the very complex Print & Create offering. I was particularly impressed with Rupert's studies (reads all the best programming books), philosophical and hands on approach to software engineering. Pair programming with Rupert was always a joy as we helped each other demystify new tech assets, churn out top quality features and UX and improve the team's dev practice along the way. A top communicator, problem solver, developer and all round great teammate.

  • Bernadette Lylak

    Bernadette Lylak

    Product & Pricing Analyst

    Officeworks, AUS / 2021 - 2022


    I had the pleasure of working alongside Rupert in the same team for an extended period, and there is no one I would recommend higher. Rupert consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, an in-depth understanding of his responsibilities, and played a pivotal role in our team's success. Rupert possesses an impressive grasp of his field, consistently delivering exceptional results. He is not only knowledgeable but also adept at applying his expertise to solve complex problems. His commitment to excellence was evident in his work, and he always contributed valuable insights that significantly benefited the team. As an integral part of our collaborative efforts, Rupert consistently went above and beyond to ensure the success of our projects and his ability to work seamlessly within a team and communicate effectively with colleagues made him a standout contributor. Rupert has a remarkable talent for fostering a positive and productive team environment, making him an asset to any group fortunate enough to have him on board. I wholeheartedly recommend Rupert to any prospective employer or team as he is not only a reliable and skilled professional but also someone who enhances the overall dynamic of the workplace. I am confident that his dedication, expertise, and positive attitude will make him a valuable asset wherever he chooses to contribute his talents. Should the opportunity arise, I would gladly work with Rupert again as his impact on our team was significant, and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in his future endeavours.